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  1. important message i change my telegram i see people get ripp by fake crooks here is the new telegram : HD_Pl4stic
  2. hello crooks member this is a verifone vx670 offline pos this is perfect for driver taxi , delivery guy , little store this pos collect your tr1 tr2 + pin price : 2k + shipping if you guys have any question please let me know by jabber : [email protected]
  3. hi brother i will like to talk in pm but it didnt work ... i will like to get into your site im not a big buyer of cvv i have sometime little job to do with that and i dont wanna spen 300 + 200 for enter in site ... contact me in jabber [email protected] i did my account on crooks101 in your site if you can give me access i will stick with you for my job i have ... like i said im not a big buyer of cvv
  4. it will be nice to have a section with vendor review for costumer who whant to see if any good supplier for they work for exemple : hd_plastic review vendetta review Elihu Yale review etc... so people just click on the name of the vendor and can see what is going on
  5. for all member of this forum you get 2$ off on each other until 28/02/2019 when making order please mention the forum place and get 2$ off
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